Music for peace and transformation representing many cultures

Director Norman B. Miller and BrightSphere Productions present music by Four Hands Project. Symphony of Oneness is a feature-length movie and musical odyssey about humanity’s quest to peacefully transform the planet – a transformation based on unity, balance and harmony for all living things. It is based on ancient wisdom long forgotten by our religions, with principles just being discovered by cutting-edge science. Ultimately it’s a musical meditation on an inner quest to create a new outer world based on peace, balance in nature, and abundance for all peoples. 

Album length is 85 minutes –  a total of 14 songs. The tracks in the MP3 music player on this page are short samples. The songs are much longer and are excellent for meditation and for easy-listening background music.

By buying the music album, you will be supporting visual production of the Symphony of Oneness feature length movie.

Thank you for listening and for your support!

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What people are saying about Symphony of Oneness

"Symphony of Oneness – a great visual music for a futuristic film!"

Mary Ellen Bickford, producer and writer, and Don Robertson, music futurist co-authors - "Songwriting for Dummies"

"How very exciting. I have my album and think its amazing. I feel honored that I was around to see it take shape. Now. Hope to enjoy the movie."

Joan Sewall, award winning photographer

"The new music you and your group of musicians have created is amazing in its clarity, its beauty and its ability to heal and unify the soul within! Never stop creating such a living wonder."

Marion Billington, nurse and spiritual practitioner

"Devised, produced and performed by people at the top of their professions, here we have a selection of music that not only transports the listener to the far reaches of the Earth and the Universe itself, but also massages the inner, more spiritual parts of the mind. Exciting, rhythmic, soothing, emotional and inspiring all at the same time. We are taken on a musical journey that touches with a sense of wonder, many dimensions of our consciousness, quenching our natural thirst for inspiration on many levels and opening the mind to the wonders of not only this wonderful place we occupy in the Universe, but also to our own inner more spiritual nature – truly inspirational."

Maurice Vizard, professional singer, songwriter and mixed-media artist

"I really like what I have heard. It is more than "New Age." but will probably be defined that way when presented by others. I feel it could be called "Planetary Music", because it encompasses so much in music, sound and vibration of the entire planet. And I love the website too! Very stunning!"

Dixie Lopez, digital production artist

“Symphony of Oneness is an instant whole body-being 'chill'! The impact of this music is a deep soul-whole, hearted-mind-filled, ecstatic bliss! The sophisticated technology of this production is unparalleled and does justice to the magnitude of talent here – an exquisite gift to the world."

Barbara and Michael Schacker, authors of “Global Awakening, New Science and the 21st Century Enlightenment” at and the Global Regeneration Network at

For project information contact: Richard Schletty, President and CEO,

Note: Norman passed away in December of 2015. May he rest in peace.

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