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Song of Oneness

[verse 1]
D            A         G          A  
Here in this world are gifts so sublime 
D         Em          G           A  
Beautiful things that touch the divine 
      D          A         G        A  
Round windows of color and luminous domes
       Em7        G            Asus4  A
Bright flowers and neighborhood homes

[verse 2]
D           A        G          A  
Centered in time and turning in space 
D         Em          G          A  
Earth is a garden full of wonder and grace
D        A         G          A  
Harmony, healing and wholeness are where
    Em7      G         Asus4  A
All people respect and care

  G                  F#m       B#m7
Together, we rise. Divided, we fall
Cmaj7                   Dsus4      D         
Dreams of a good life connecting us all
G                  F#m     B#m7
Share your vision with warm openness
Cmaj7                 Dsus4 D     
Dwell in the Circle of Oneness  

     Bm7 Gm7        Em              F#
It's time to do your good turns, time to mold the clay
G        D              Emaj7          A7
Be yourself but never tread on other people's ways
[interlude]  Am7  Bm7  C   D
[verse 3]
D           A      G          A  
There are thieves and liars, monsters and brutes
D       Em         G           A  
A positive spirit can bring us good fruits
D            A         G          A  
Let's raise up the lowly and heal what's not right
      Em7        G            Asus4  A
Share bread, as we dance in the light!

[refrain 2x]

Lyrics and music by Norman Miller, Richard Schletty, David Gomez Sanz

©2012 BrightSphere Productions –

Music by Four Hands Project

Animation, web design and music direction by Schletty Design and Music: Richard Schletty and Daniel Schletty